When Pirates DO prefer CENSORSHIP

No answer forthcoming in 20 days… I guess they do not want to bother about the issue before the elections are over and crime has paid. So I have to BLOW THE WHISTLE.

Never thought I’d have to blow the whistle on PIRATES 😦


Antonio Garcia
Para: Vassilis Perantzakis

(member of the new Court of Arbitration of Pirate Parties International)

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If ONLY it had stayed about the fraudulent PPI membership of PP-CAT, I would not be furious.

It started, at the international level, with bad behaviour and errors at the PPI General Assembly of 2012 in Prague.

Prior to that, the problem started in Spain in 2010…

The Spanish Pirate Party was founded at the end of 2006 as a standard clone of the Swedish Pirate Party. This cloning included, of course… acting politically at the national and european level, as these were the ones where legislation dear to the pirate ideals was actually developed. So, no participation in regional nor local elections were envisaged.

One quirk of the Spanish Pirate Party Statutes, which were crafted in a sort of paranoid way, was the fact that the founding principles of the party were pritty armored: to change any of these, 90% minimum of the membership had to cast a vote in an Extraordinary General Assembly, and two thirds of the vote had to be YES.

The difficulty compounded when at some time pirates decided the party was not growing in membership fast enough… and dropped asking for membership fees.

There, the only real test on if any member was not lost to the party… disappeared. People simply did not care to resign membership, and no membership fee payment remained able to fail and alert anyone to the fact that someone who had not payed the fee was no member anymore.

The result, of course, was that when some members of the party suggested that they would be very interested in running a candidature for the Catalan regional elections…

… in no way could the Spanish Pirate Party organize timely an Extraordinary General Assembly where there could be any chance AT ALL that 90% of all those that were listed as members in the parties database would cast a vote :(. The only legit way to clean the database of ghost members was to take the decision to reintroduce membership fees… and wait to see who failed to pay the next dues to write him off as a member. Once the membership database such cleaned… one could organize a EGA with the hope (if maybe still remote) of 90% of the membership voting.

Needless to say… this would never happen in time for the Brethren of Catalonia to be able to present a candidature to the 2010 regional elections.

And then… foolish as they were… they just JUMPED SHIP… and created a Catalan Pirate Party just to be able to run in those elections.

While from my point of view such behaviour has NO JUSTIFICATION WHATSOEVER in the pirate ideology… they have tried to justify their existence ever since.

They have adopted a very populistic direct democracy approach… and wreaked havoc first in internal spanish pirate matters, complicating pirate logistics needlessly, and subsequently in international pirate affairs.

In 2011 they submitted a request for full membership to the PPI, but it was watered down to observer membership before even reaching that years GA, because the PPI statutes admitted only ONE full member per country.

For the 2012 PPI GA, they intelligently adopted a two step approach… they submitted various statutes amendments aiming at opening a door towards full membership for themselves as a first step. It had to be a two step approach because the admittance of new members ALWAYS happened with the current Statutes, amendments being discussed too late to immediately come into effect at a moment where they could be useful for them.

As a result, they were OBSERVER MEMBERS since 2011, and they proposed Statutes amendments in 2012 with which they could candidate for FULL MEMBERSHIP at first in 2013… so as to be full member and able to participate in the coveted european elections of 2014.

At the 2012 PPI GA in Prague… I was a delegate for the Spanish Pirate Party, and my mission was to discretely lobby the delegates of all the other pirate parties but of course the Catalan Pirate Party in order to convince them of the fact that opening the Pandoras Box of multiple full memberships per country would be a doomsday scenario for the Pirate Movement.

I went about it discretely, because I did not want to ruin the 2012 PPI General Assembly for our German Brethren… they had two regional elections coming up one and two months later, and the premises were SWAMPED by German press.

All I had to do was convince 1/3 of the vote casting delegates… to reject any Statutes amendment going towards the aims of the Catalan Pirate Party.

Insofar as I can judge the facts without a total insight on what other were thinking… the organizing commitee opted for an other solution… they gave priority to the approval of a few Statutes amendments concerning the composition and mission of the Board of Directors and the Court of Arbitration… and then just pledged to waste time so the rest of the amendments never got tabled.

Although not an optimal solution, this was a solution I and the Spanish Pirate Party could live with, even if wasting time untill the last moment meant not having the right circumstances to present a few broadranging strategical proposals to the General Assembly.

Alas, the Catalan Pirate Party delegates did not accept their strategy being thwarted (not finishing step one, they would never manage to complete the second before the European Election madness)… and they BLACKMAILED the PPI GA… delegate Kenneth Peiruza threathening that he could be the bad boy too (reacting on Thomas Gauls sorry statement)…

The rest you can read in many places…

I have written a blog post where you get the last evolutions, but also a link to a file with ALL the EVIDENCE:


The file is joined to this mail too.

To make things short, but clear…

1) The Catalans, seeing their aims thwarted… populistically called upon the gathered General Assembly of the PPI to immediately have a popular vote on whether PP-CAT should be a full member or not. They asked ANYBODY to submit a motion asking for such a vote.

Nobody did so, as I believe everybody knows an improvised motion is NO ACCEPTABLE WAY of tabling a membership issue in the PPI. At least, not one mentioned in the Statutes.

For the record… the Court of Arbitration had to settle the question of candidate Pirate Parties who had submitted their candidacy papers AFTER the official deadline… AND decided they had to wait until the next GA. PP-CAT, due to their two step strategy… had of course not even bothered to present candidacy papers at this time. They were thus NOT EVEN CANDIDATES.

As the pression of the PP-CAT delegates was mounting and they risked to turn the GA into a childish battle in the presence of the full German press…

… the Chairing Board of the PPI GA choose to understand a plea for clarification of the developing situation submitted by the halfblind remote delegates of Australia as if it were the motion the Catalans were so loudly asking for…

… and an STATUTORILY ILLEGAL VOTE on the full membership of PP-CAT to PPI was organized.

I choose NOT to intervene at that point BECAUSE it was more than obvious that anything decided thus should EASILY be nullified by a PROMPT decision of a LEGIT Court of Arbitration.

Better to let the GA end with a stupid and invalid vote, BUT without a public scandal in the press.


PP-UK I believe… filed some sort of complaint…

… and surprisingly the CoA returned this:

Without the Spanish Pirate Party being allowed audience, they gifted us a Second Gibraltar, Catalonia ;(.

To do so, they reworded the real meaning of one of the articles of the PPI Statutes to grant the General Assembly far wider discretionary powers concerning members admittance than the Statutes really allowed for, and while I could NOT convince a spineless board of the Spanish Pirate Party to file an official Party complaint…

… I found ONE loophole in the then “provisionally enforceable until decided otherwise at an PPI GA” Rules of Procedure of the Court of Arbitration… allowing any and any PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL to anonymously file a complaint if it was a matter of infringement to the PPI Statutes.

Rewriting an article of the Statutes in a Court Sentence to arrive at unwarranted conclusions clearly qualified as such…

… so I filed an INVINCIBLE anonymous complaint through the Court Member Maxime Rouquet (because of his dissenting opinion he deserved more trust than the rest). I did not keep that anonymity very long, as I did not really need it ;).

Due to all kind of machinations… The Court of Arbitration RESIGNED without giving its opinion on the merits of my complaint, much to the pleasure of some on the Board of Directors.

Next was a battle to decide whether matter left unattended by the Court of Arbitration had to be tabled by the 2013 PPI GENERAL ASSEMBLY.

First of all, Gregory Engels managed to impose a stronghold that could but be his… KAZAN.

But secondly, as became clear that not enough members would attend there… he had to organize a REMOTE venue in Brussels for additional delegates, and I got the word of it because I have a Twitter link with one of the guys offering housing for delegates.

I happen to be squatting around in Brussels for a few years now… so I arranged to be present friday, saturday and sunday. Though NOT as an official delegate of the Spanish Pirate Party.

NO PENDING ISSUES from the Court of Arbitration were tabled at this PPI GA, despite the fact that I had AIRED the issue extensively on the mailing lists of PPI:


Very important, PUBLIC recall BEFORE PPI GA 2013:
NOBODY can say he was NOT warned in time…


Wanting to ignore all:

Gregory argumenting:

In fact the whole of March mailing list is too rich to cite separately:

Look up by Author… Antonio Garcia ;).

And it went on through April:


And a few answers:


– Someone decided the issue should NOT be TABLED.

– I could NOT become a delegate of the Spanish Pirate Party, even if I was the only member present in either Kazan or Brussels.

– The German delegates in Brussels were DECEIVINGLY SWEET on Friday, during the pre-GA activities… BUT they GUARDED the microphone FIERCELY, and I could NOT INTERVENE withoiut staging a physical battle.

CALL IT CENSORSHIP, PLAIN AND SIMPLE, besides whatever it is worth as WILLING BEHAVIOUR of delegates towards the truthfull organizing of a legit PPI GA.

Last step:
The newly elected Court of Arbitration, I can not know if all their members knowing and agreeing, sent me…

… What I start the blog post with…


1) Court of Arbitration matters should be SEPARATED strictly from Board matters.

2) Court of Arbitration has changed Rules of Procedure and wants the NEW ones retroactively enforced… to DITCH my complaint WITHOUT having to examine its merits.


I hope you understand I have NO PATIENCE LEFT.


Will see their European Election campaign THWARTED by whatever I can present to PUBLIC SCRUTINY about all what has been going on.

We can simply NOT tolerate to have such bastard people in the Pirate Movement, and I will do what I can to avoid them getting elected people into position.

Damn the rest if they have to suffer collateral damages for their passivity or even naieve and ignorant collaboration.

But I still hope you can do your best to avoid the worst… with a TIMELY DECISION that restores truth to the Movement.

Good luck!

Antonio García
Member of the (disfunctional) Board of the (disfunctional) Spanish Pirate Party
(but how would yours be after this adventure?)


47 comentarios en “When Pirates DO prefer CENSORSHIP

  1. Dear Antonio,

    I see you are referring to the membership of the PP-CAT. I don’t know details of the history of the dispute, but I am looking it up. Could you inform me about it with a sort account from your point of view?
    Is this issue still open?

    In Greece, we could have a similar problem. I would also consider it a problem if Greece got 2 votes because it had 2 Pirate Parties.

    On a final note, I don’t care much about the Press, good or otherwise, but I do care about being fair and knowing all the facts before taking anyone’s side or phrasing an opinion.

    P.S. Sorry about removing the CoA from the referrals, but I don’t wish to clutter the list without being informed first.


    Vassilis Perantzakis

  2. That answer was given on the same day, the 22nd of April, 2014.
    As I saw the case was handled some time ago, and I have nothing new to add, and neither do you.

    What else can I say?

    • I guess after such a display of utter incompetence all you can do is resign from the post.

      If you are really not capable of seeing all what went wrong stacking up… I really do not know what it is that made you apply for the job.

      I’m getting really tired of al these industrial amounts of incompetence on display.

      • There is no official request for an issue that was handled last year officialy. That is one year before I became a member of the CoA. I received an email as an individual, I gave an answer and somehow I am expected to act on it because?

        Sorry, but I don’t follow you and I cannot do anything about your anger. I understand from the email that some believe that the issue was mishandled. Fine. Follow the official channels and if the case goes to CoA again, I will speak formally. Right now there is no such issue for me to work with.

        Hope this answer is enough for you.

      • I’m afraid it really isn’t. What kind of interest in justice is this? Don’t bother me unless you have taken down all the hurdles we have set up for you? And make it simple, I can not add up two plus two and won’t bother to try?

  3. The fucking issue WAS NOT HANDLED, and has not been since it was duly and diligently presented.

    All we have had are ILLEGAL ATTEMPTS TO DODGE IT.

    And I expect from you that you BACKTRACE the whole thing to te very beginning, undo all the dirty tricks, opening an investigation on the behaviour of anyone that did something not warranted, and put the issue back on track so that the complaint can finally be judged on its merits.

    Nothing more, but NOTHING LESS.

    And forget the new rules of procedure of the CoA… you NEVER had the right to enforce them retroactively, no matter what some interested parties still hanging around in the CoA and the Board of PPI may tell you.

    • First, calm down. Being agressive doesn’t help you or your case.
      Now, I saw a decision on the Wiki site. What do you mean “was not handled”?
      As for retroactive application of rules, I also believe it cannot be valid, if this is the case.

      Lastly, please calm down, or I cannot follow you.

    • Yes, that was the IDIOTIC RULING that gifted us a new Gibraltar in Spain, without the Spanish Pirate Party having right to audience on the matter.

      The ruling that REWORDED one of the Articles of the PPI Statutes to be able to get to its end conclusion… causing the breach of Statutes that gave me the right to present an anonymous complaint.

      Which I did. It is this complaint of mine that has been DODGED ever since, because it was INVINCIBLE.

      That is why they had to fraudulently change the Rules of Procedure of the CoA not only to get rid of anonymous complaints from then on, but also retroactively ditch the ONLY ONE that has ever been pending and they did not otherwise know how to get rid of.

      That is also why I do not need to present any case at all… you already have EVERYTHING.

      But if it ever were necessary… the actual Board of the Spanish Pirate Party, of which I am a member… is becoming pissed off enough to sign an official party complaint.

      Since all this should NOT have gone beyond that 2012-3 ruling with A CORRECT OUTCOME…

      … You will please excuse me if I come over as pissed off. This is MAY 2014 you know, and that idiotic ruling has not been without severe stacked consequences.

  4. I’m afraid I am on a PUBLIC EXPOSITION SPREE, to have the situation exposed BEFORE May 25th so that it can have an impact on the results of at least the Spanish and German european elections.

    I’ll go back to the list on May 26th.

    Then we can pick things up… if by then you are still around.

    • I understand. No problem. I will be here. I hope all our respective Pirate Parties do well since we have a TTIP to stop.

      A last point, I am not a lawer, but I know how to read legal documents but as I see, the decision to accept the PP-CAT was based on the meaning of the word country, instead of the later statement of the word “sovereign state”. So it was not retrospective at first glance. A lawer could answer that definetively.

      Also, as I read the documents that apply now, we can also have two or more parties from a “sovereign state”, but they are incouraged to create a federation.

      • Please, DO also find in there the “cooked” statutes article that allowed the General Assembly to “improvise” about the admission of a new full member out of the blue, through a “fantasy” motion… while at the same time telling those candidates that submitted paperwork after the deadline that they had to wait until the next GA ;). Because that is in reality the funniest part, and not the idiocy about the interpretation of “country”.

  5. You could start reading my “anonymous” complaint, embedded here:

    And my writing to the mailing list BEFORE the 2013 PPI Kazan/Brussels GA, explicitly putting forth that… the CoA having resigned, pending matter like my complaint HAD TO BE TREATED by the PPI GA 2013 as soon as opened.


    THESE ARE MATTERS OF WILFUL FRAUD, enough to VOID the 2013 and 2014 PPI GA.

    And of course the shitty Court of Arbitration that saw nothing wrong in 2012, 2013 and 2014, and in adopting new Rules of Procedure not only making impossible NEW anonymous complaints… BUT DITCHING the one pending they could NOT otherwise get rid of.

    I want those peoples fucking head, an dishonourable discharge from pirate existence.

    • Ok. I have just two questions:
      1) A ruling exists since 2012, do you expect something to be done about that?

      Complaining, that, that ruling is invalid, I understand, is one complaint. Complaining that your claim that the ruling is invalid was not considered a valid request is another complaint.

      2) Am I to study the second complaint only?

      Also, a quick comment, I don’t think the change about anonymous complaints was about you. We had a similar change to avoid trolls that kept us occupied with the same things over and over again. Apparently they thought we didn’t have anything else to do!

  6. Dear Vassilis,

    1) Of course you have to do something about that. That ruling was in breach with applicable statutes and MUST BE NULLIFIED. Time past can be no excuse to consolidate ill-gotten gains.

    The Pirate Party of Catalonia must be considered as NOT HAVING OBTAINED full member status at the 2012 PPI GA, and all ill-gotten benefits stemming from that stripped.

    My complaint about the invalidity of the ruling was presented diligently following all prescriptions of both Statutes and then enforceable Rules of Procedure, and should be evaluated on its merits. This will invariably lead to the unavoidable… because my argumentation is without any kind of error that can be exploited. The Pirate Party of Catalonia should lose its full membership status with immediate effect.

    This should be enough to ser the record from 2012 straight, and I want that to be done immediately… so as to have an impact on the present Pirate Confederation candidating for the European Elections.

    Besides that, you will need to investigate the behaviour of the CoA and Board of 2012 to clarify why the CoA had to resign and why the Board did not organize new CoA elections but instead was very please to get rid of a Court that could fiscalize it.

    Then you need to investigate WHY, the CoA having resigned, my complaint left behind as pending matter was NOT scheduled for sentencing at the 2013 PPI GA in Kazan/Brussels by the plenum of the GA. Specially considering the complaint was to decide on the voting rights of a member, whose votes could influence the outcome of its decisions… and that thus not doing so could VOID ALL DECISIONS of said GA.

    Then you need to investigate WHY the newly elected 2013 CoA decided to change the Rules of Procedure AND have the changes retroactively apply to any pending matter, including specifically my complaint on the 2012-3 ruling.

    Then you need to investigate why neither the elected Board nor the elected CoA did anything about all this during 2013.

    Then you need to investigate why nothing was done about it at the 2014 Paris PPI GA…

    … and why you and the CoA elected in 2014 thought there was nothing to do…

    … neither did the Board.

    You see, you NEED more than your two questions to get through everything and restore justice, punishing anybody who abused his position to make it last up till now…

    … completely needlessly.

    And I think I haven’t got to tell you anything about the awkward situation we have been living here in Spain while all this misbehaviour lent some credibility to the pretenses of the Catalan Pirate Party.

    For Gods sake… they have maneuvered themselves fraudulently in a position where it is them who are participating in the european elections, instead of us.

    I hope this is enough for you to understand the URGENCY of it all.

    Now, move your fucking ass at last.

    • Do you think that this language “move your fucking ass” gives your argument any validity? Do you know me? I believe you should apologize for your language usage, dispite what will happen with your request. Do you understand me?

      • This language merely acts as a catalyzer… and a fucking good one, judging by the results.

        You will have my apologies for its usage presented on a silver platter to you… the very moment you show you have moved your ass enough to deserve it.

        I do not have to know you… I expect due diligence, and waiting for two years now… you will have to cope with the fact that I am severely pissed off.

        Show some competence, for christs sake.

        I do care shit for the foolish interpretation of the word “country”… that issue is just a funny distraction… the core of the error in that sentence is the REWORDING of the article of the Statutes… that by its virtue attributed to the General Assembly far more discretionary powers regarding the admission of new members than that body really has.

        It is that stupid rewording that made that motion that was never a motion admissible… and once that record set straight, you see that the Statutes provided NO solution to the Catalan Pirate Party once there was no time left to vote on the amendments they had presented.

        The BLACKMAIL they resorted to… should NEVER have received the REWARD they have been instrumentalizing during the past TWO YEARS…

        … because of the UTTER INCOMPETENCE of past Courts of Arbitration of the PPI.

        If you want RESPECT… show some competence, instead of having me obliged to write down up to the last comma of applicable reasoning for you.

        They pissed me off in the past… You are starting to deserve me being pissed off RIGHT NOW, on your own merits :(.

        As said, I do not know you… YET. But that changes rapidly, I am a very quick learner.

    • Now, I get you want the PP-CAT to loose its status. You are saying that the word coyntry is sovereign state and that you do not recognize Catalonia as a country (it is part of the sovereign state of Spain ofcourse).
      Read this please and tell me if you accept the definition of the word Country: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Country
      If not, we have no common bases to discuss this here.

  7. And a last point. You do understand that the way the statues stand now, if your motion is considered and vidicated, the PP-CAT will just reapply and be admitted. Right?

    • Oh, yeah, the next step is the NULLIFICATION of the results of the 2013 PPI GA in KAZAN/BRUSSELS and the 2014 PPI GA in PARIS.

      Don’t worry, by the time I’m finished we will be back to the 2012 Statutes of PPI :).

      • Of course I am not to substitute myself for the whole Pirate Movement… I am but one single pirate with the guts to defend his beliefs and what he considers to be the truth, in true Pirate Codex spirit.

        All the same, you are no more than one single Pirate, and even acting as the spokesperson for the Court of Arbitration of the PPI you should not exceed your attributions. Which are to examine the presented evidence and to scrupulously respect the statutes and rules of procedure applicable to it at the given time when sentencing if something was wrong at the time and the complaint has merit.

        And please, understand one thing before you start to fantasize more… what anybody thinks of the present situation now… is completely irrelevant and unrelated to the matter occurred at its time the Court of Arbitration has to decide upon. COMPLETELY.

        Do not mount a horse yourself, unless you know how to ride it.

    • Sadly, I have no need whatsoever to cater to your tolerance nor to consider any offer at all.

      You have been asked to diligently do what the position you are in demands of you to do. Not more, not less.

      I am well aware of the fact that using the velvet gauntlet up till now has been of no use at all… for the last TWO years, so I can and will use the non-diplomatic way as long as anybody shows he thinks he can play with my feet.

      Get over it, you have a job to do, and I will not be the asshole that keeps you away from it.

      Do it well, and maybe we can be friends and have a laugh now and then.

      • It is not a need. It is a simple courtesy. You attack without knowing who I am, just because you have a complaint (I don’t judge if it is valid or not) with the PPI for the last 3 years.

        I don’t need anyone telling me what to do. I can do my job by being informed. Your use of language is to be frowned uppon. You are hurting your own case, if nothing else.

        I am not inclined to believe what I read about you, that you are simply trolling because you didn’t like the decision. The reason I don’t do it is because I like to excaust all avenues of discussion before making a decision. But discussion is different from attacking your peers. Grow out of it.

      • I am stepping up the tone because YOU are lingering already. 20 days is a lot of time… to do nothing. Err, not do nothing, decide to be the only one to have a look, not informing the other members of the Court of Arbitration.

  8. It is not something you personally are to blame for, Vassilis, but look at it from my side… I have followed all the style guides and been extremely courteous, catering for the needs of the Pirate Movement rather than for my own… since the very beginning of my presence at the PPI GA 2012 in Prague. Assisting cost me 1/3 of my total wealth.

    But we are not a few months after that GA… this is May 13th 2014.

    And I do not know what you have come to think of it… but you have been given 20 full days with all the info before I have decided to publish this article to shake your but a bit. I have already waited until you were elected and you activated yourself.

    Those catalans are participating in the European Elections instead of the National Pirate Party… and I do not want them to get anyone elected because then I would have to raise the odds fighting a guy with a salary and a budget.

    I hope you can understand that.

    I think I can also say EVERYONE will understand if YOU choose to do nothing at all, whatever the reason. I’ve had plenty of visits from all over the world were Pirate Parties exist for the last two days… about 5.000 visits.

    After the 25th it will not be your decision I will be interested in… but your head on a platter.

  9. It doesn’t take ages to check that the PPI GA of 2012… HAD NO RIGHT to decide upon the membership of Pirates of Catalonia AT ALL, considering the circumstances as they developed.

    All you need is to look up the proper 2012 Statutes of PPI. Pirates of Catalonia had NOT submitted candidate papers, because they needed the statutes to be amended first, and the General Assembly had only freedom to decide on whether a proper applicant should be given full membership or observer membership.

    NEVER has a Pirate Party been able to become any kind of member through any spontaneous motion presented at the GA. NEVER.

    Now, activate your brain, don’t make me have to puke on you.

    • !!! Ok… This is bordering on the ridiculous. You don’t want to go in to it until after the elections, but you want me to do it because 20 days was a long time to get informed on a 3 year old story now that the pirate parties are working on the elections you don’t want to interfere with!

      I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you think about the real issue? It is not about the application or the timing, or the rules, or the statuses. It is about you, believing the PP of Spain should be the only registered PP in your country. You just don’t want a PP-CAT. That is all. You believe that there is some kind of IP on the Pirate Party name in Spain… I am sorry, that doesn’t seem very… pirate! And I really won’t be involved in your ethnic disputes. The matter of rules and regulations and when and what is just some trick you can use because it is close to home. Is it valid to use it? Sure. Is it moral? I don’t think so.

      You can puke as much as you like. You can ask for my head, or my feet, or my chest hair. I really don’t like you now that I have talked with you. Please assign this to someone reasonable.

  10. You have said it! It is indeed not only bordering, but plunging straight into the ridicule of an IDIOCRACY.

    And you want to play Supreme Judge of the #IDIOTIC #INQUISITION 😦

    You have not been asked to have an opinion about the internal situation in Spain. And I do care shit on whether you like the Catalan Brethren or not.

    Those are not the issues. Whether the Pirate Parties are working on elections right now is not the issue either… even if it is a chimney pipe up your arse… the one I am taking out of mine after carrying it around everywhere for two years.

    The functioning of the Board of PPI and the Court of Arbitration of PPI has been erratic and outright fraudulous up till now. And I hope that era is finished… even if you are giving me little hope.

    A new Court of Arbitration has been elected, and a new Board…

    … and I am merely putting to their attention that this matter is still pending… with serious consequences for the Pirate Party in Spain since everything got AWFULLY wrong at the PPI GA of 2012 in Prague.

    You like Pirates de Catalunya more because being populistic they cater to your sympathy and intellectual needs… that is YOUR problem.

    It becomes mine if it interferes with your OBJECTIVE JUDGEMENT about the proper application of Statutes.

    And it is BECAUSE I know that you NOT being objective could become my problem… that I have 2 ways to go… you nonetheless, and THE PRESS.

    And I won’t let you maneuver me into a position where it will be too late and useless to say anything to the press.

    Please, if you think you are NOT capable of thandling this… DO inform your fellow members of the Court of Arbitration… do not try to handle this alone.

    You are NOT being fair… you are trying to weasle out… to protect some other goal.
    And I have been fooled around with LONG ENOUGH.

    Knowing you would try anyway is why I have not wasted time with the velvet gauntlet… anymore. Nothing personal to that… i’ve got TIME constraints. International press is going to love this… still 10 days to go before election DAY… PAYDAY.

    I have offered MANY other occasions to solve this issue DECENTLY… before.

    Vassilis Perantzakis (vaspervnp@yahoo.gr)
    Para: ningunotro@hotmail.com
    CC: francisco.george@gmail.com

    Dear Antonio,

    I see you are referring to the membership of the PP-CAT. I don’t know details of the history of the dispute, but I am looking it up. Could you inform me about it with a sort account from your point of view?
    Is this issue still open?

    In Greece, we could have a similar problem. I would also consider it a problem if Greece got 2 votes because it had 2 Pirate Parties.

    On a final note, I don’t care much about the Press, good or otherwise, but I do care about being fair and knowing all the facts before taking anyone’s side or phrasing an opinion.

    P.S. Sorry about removing the CoA from the referrals, but I don’t wish to clutter the list without being informed first.


    Vassilis Perantzakis

    And do not believe this is just the two of us talking only about this issue… the world is watching how Pirates go about with CENSURE.
    Todays visits up till 14:00h

    • I am still trying to get informed and you are not helping. I cannot be objective until I am informed. Is that TOO hard to understand? Also, I will not make a decision until after it is discussed on the board. Please give it to someone that can have a discussion without calling the other person names.

      • Look, Vassilis, it does NOT take two HOURS to look at the wording of the Statutes article in the Court of Arbitration verdict and compare it to the original article in the Statutes.

        All the rest is STUBBORN UNWILLINGNESS, for whatever reason and whoevers benefit.

        And it is still going on, from the day I presented my complaint up to 10 DAYS before the European Elections where the ones who BLACKMAILED the PPI GA in Prague in 2012 may collect THE ONLY REWARD that was ever aimed at.

        I WANT the Court of Arbitration to declare the full membership to PPI of PIRATES DE CATALUNYA… VOID… NOW.

        Not in 10 days when such declaration will have no impact on their election campaign.

        And if you DARE NOT, or DESIRE OTHERWISE…

        … then let EVERYBODY know, and the whole PIRATE MOVEMENT be brave enough to carry on with the consequences.

        I have been PLAYED WITH long enough.

        TWO DAYS is all the credit you have left.


  11. I have done so. And your claim is only valid if the timing issues apply (application was not given in time). However, and I am telling you this once again,I don’t think this (your request) is about the “letter of the law”. Because as the statues stand now, the PP-CAT only needs reapply. I am afraid you are only creating bureaucracy.

    Anyway, I have moved your request (or trolling) to the list. You can also put any time limit you want. It is without merrit. You have ten seconds to comply!!! 😛

  12. You are the one who has doubts about the “IF”, not me.

    You can’t dismiss my claim, no matter how much you’d want to… it has ALWAYS BEEN a legit claim.

    All you can try to do is win some more time… bastardly, joining the honourless crew that has been doing so since the beginning.

  13. the teaser didnt motivate me to read the unformatted rest. so please reshape the article and express early what is this all about. especially before you advertise for this articel on german channels with no context at all mentioning a german pirate party judge. 😉

    my time is too rare to waste it for research when it would be lots easier if the autor would write the story in a proper way. 😉

    • dear Simon,

      Thanks for dropping by, even if what you call the teaser was not really motivating.
      In fact, there never was a teaser, I never structured the posts in order to get a nice display on twitter.

      I wish you had thought about my time ;). This post is an overhaul on may 14th 2014 of the evolution of a situation that developed starting at the Pirate Party International General Assembly of 2012 in Prague, and whose introductory post, written on september 2nd 2013 is… https://samedokan.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/klarmachen-zum-kentern/ . I guess that may be a much more accessible introductory reading to you. Still, the issue isn’t a little easy one… if you want to be fair, you’ll have to make some time. There is even a zip file with all necessary documentation, renamed to jpg image, where you can examine all evidence.

      If you do so, you can judge by yourself if you have a foot to stand on when complaining about me mentioning somebody that actually holds a position of Judge in the Court of Arbitration of the German Pirate Party.

      I see with interest that you are not without experience about the functioning of pirate Courts of Arbitration, and maybe my detailed and documented experience with more than one successive ones of the Pirate Party International and its Board of Directors, as always full of German members, acts as some kind of eye opener for you.



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