Can “doing nothing” be the future of democracy?

Subject: IMPORTANT MATTERS for Pirate Parties and PPI.
Date: Mon, 6 May 2013 13:36:44 +0000

Dear Birgitta,

This is not an easy mail to write, but for the sake of the Pirate Movement, and maybe Earths future… it needs to be done.

I have been very patient, I have kept silent about severe misconduct at the PPI General Assembly in Prague in 2012 in situ because derailing that GA would have hurt the prospects of the German Pirate Party in two nearby regional elections because a lot of German press was attending. Then I have followed the rules that were of application and the particular circumstances and I filed an anonymous complaint about infringement of the PPI Statutes before the Court of Arbitration of the PPI. It delivered rubbish on a previous complaint by PP-UK, settling matter by creating a second Gibraltar in Spain for the Catalan Pirate Party to have its own country. As it could not derail my complaint though… the Board of PPI maneuvered and took advantage of a badly worded threat to sue the PPI before the ordinary courts of justice to offer the heads of the whole Court of Arbitration on a silver platter to the Swiss as a compromise… and dare them to sue wherever they wanted otherwise. The Swiss took the bait… and without a Court of Arbitration my complaint landed in the freezer until a new CoA was elected at a next General Assembly of PPI.

Still, as the matter involved was more than one breach of the PPI Statutes, and the adquisition of the condition of full member of the PPI by the Catalan Pirate Party by unlawful means could not be tolerated… I told the PPI that the situation would have to be addressed by the PPI GA in Kazan BEFORE any voting should occur, because if the Catalan voted and later their voting rights were invalidated… then the whole GA of PPI in Kazan could be declared INVALID.

a real pirate 🙂
most important answer

PPI mail sequence with other interesting content:

(Complaint PP-AU)
(Complaint PP-AU)

(My warning)
(My warning)

(putting things straight)


**(witty reply)

After the witty reply… the results have been.

1) Gregory Engels has informed himself of the fact that, because of internal troubles within the PP-ES Board, where I am in a minority position, I would not be designed PP-ES delegate to the PPI GA in Kazan.

(my protest)
(my protest)

2) Because of his choice to have the whole issue silenced, he has made sure that only officially accredited delegates can speak in the Kazan PPI Conference. The presential ones can only intervene after showing official accreditation papers, and the remote ones he can not control where they are have been forced to speak through an officially assignated russian proxy he does control.

When I told on-line that I could not be present in Kazan unless somebody paid for my expenses…

… I got one offer to do exactly that, up to 500€, privately. I told it to two members of the board of PP-ES to test them and put them under pressure (and the whole organization) even if I knew that I could not attend because my personal situation made it impossible to obtain the necessary visa for Russia. They did not fail my expectations.

Later, in the course of developments, the possibility to have a remote delegate hub installed in the offices of the Swedish delegation to the European Parliament and Belgium Pirate Party headquarters arose, and I got to know only 2 days before the PPI GA. Of course, squatting in Brussels since 2011… I could not miss the occasion, so I joined all the people attending all friday, saturday and sunday.

The German delegates played with me, trying to fool me, all the time.
Rick Falkvinge patted me on the shoulder saturday evening, asking ironically if I would attend on Sunday too.

And I endured everything.

The issue of the infringement of the Statutes of PPI during the 2012 Prague PPI GA… was wilfully and forcibly ignored. The issue of an unlawful full member as the Catalans voting during the 2013 Kazan PPI GA… was wilfully and forcibly ignored.

And I endured everything.

Of course, considering the circumstances… and my state of mind which I know you can certainly imagine…

… I kept silent about ideas to contribute to the Pirate Movement in 2012.
… I kept silent about ideas to contribute to the Pirate Movement in 2013.

I could have decisively helped some Pirate Parties achieve far better electoral results… for PP-DE in the desastrous Lower Saxony elections, for PP-CR in their anticipated European Elections, and for PP-IS in their worldly important national elections.

But I could not convince myself to give anything of benefit to those that were responsible for the shit in the 2012 and 2013 PPI GAs… so I had to keep everything to myself.

Am I happy that the PP-IS managed in extremis (I was at the Election Party with Ásta Helgadóttir in Brussels at the election night) to get past the 5% hurdle and get 3 people elected… but I could have helped to make this a much more epic win.

And now, I am faced with the need to FORK the Pirate Party of Spain to form another NATIONAL Pirate Party, because the mass dynamics of the present one will not allow me to rescue it from the IDIOCRACY it has become, not with democratic means. Spanish electoral logistics are certainly going to become a pain in the ass from this time on.

And also, I am faced with the need to FORK Pirate Parties International… because the shit can not be cleaned diligently in time to do some serious job for the european elections. We need a clean and instant cut, to be able to start organizing positively at once.

The latter issue is the one that makes me write this too lengthy letter to you…

… because having three members elected in the national parliament makes you the most valuable asset of PPI and the Pirate movement, and I think you should have all the needed information to make the right decisions regarding this painful issue. I’m sorry if knowing what is going on makes your life a little miserable.

Maybe you can talk to the Germans while you are in Berlin.

Of course, you can ask me whatever additional info you require, and Ásta will I’m sure gladly tell you whatever idea she has about the whole situation and me.

Hoping to hear from you and the other members of the PP-IS soon.

Antonio García
aka NingúnOtro

Previous email exchange with Loz Kaye, actual head of the UK Pirate Party, trying to clarify whether the UK Pirates would act like pirates first, or like WASP (white anglo-saxon protestants) towards a world view that would suit Pirates… but be very critical of elite, specially protestant and jewish elites. Also gives enough first look background into the Pirate Parties and PPI problems.

De: Antonio Garcia <>
Asunto: RE: First contact
Fecha: sábado, 04 de mayo de 2013 22:39:59

Dear Loz,

Thank you for your kind answer. Reading the PP-UK 2012 Manifesto was quite enlightening.

I needed to ask the question about being pirate or Briton first because I have a theory to reframe and unify the Pirate Movement worldwide on rational grounds ( where elites take quite a blow, champions being protestant (because of the tendency to put Gods motives beyond human comprehension and thus liberating themselves from any duty to try to please him doing the expected good) and Jewish (because of their ruthless expertise in banking and other survival skills that pits them as the chosen people against Goyim).

My understanding of actual world problems, like the correct roots for the present crisis, would streamline and facilitate the presentation of the Pirate core values as an easily adoptable subset of a broader humanist world view many of the things the pirate parties adopt in broadening their programmatic platforms lately seamlessly fits into. A subset that was easy to establish because it embodied the most obvious subjects that people that connect over the Internet can agree to without 0much discussion. Like they were some learned elite filtered unknowingly by the fact that they had to possess the necessary skills to connect and the access to the interface. A condition later deteriorating because everyone could afford to connect for a few bucks.

Framing the Pirates as a humanist ideology would enable us to connect seamlessly with the Indignado/Occupy movements and provide them with ammunition to simultaneously start demolishing dogmatic leftist ideology and dogmatic (neo)liberal and conservative ideologies. The first because of an oversimplified and negated definition of the proletarian class based on symptoms like the possession of the means of production (everyone not in possession of means of production would be a proletarian) whereas in reality the showing of symptoms has to be preceded by a rational analysis that leads to the decision that accumulation is necessary… for survival, and the real cause is thus the logic process behind the decision. The second because the absolute definition of private property is nothing less than a construct to allow for limitless accumulation based on the same kind of logic… sanctioned by a legal construct to allow for limitless private property imposed by interested stakeholders following the same rational analysis.

Considering both leftwing and rightwing elites infected by the same logical dilemma towards survival strategies… would allow us to finally join the 99% under a humanist flag to preserve their interests against the abuses of a sick 1% that can only find relative safety in controlling more than half of Earths resources, instead of pitting a 49,5% of the world population that thinks itself red or unable to be blue against the other 49,5% that thinks itself blue or unable to be red in an endless exhaustion battle while elite pics the spoils.

Worldwide pirate parties could be the political wing of the worldwide Indignado/Occupy Movement that emerged on the strength of their sheer rage… refusing the contamination by traditional politics and unionism because they were unable to figure out the logic behind the backstabbing of politicians and union leaders. Without that combination, political action will not be able to reach critical mass, and the mass assembled by sheer rage in the Indignados/Occupy will not find a logical purpose and a way to effect change that points in a clear direction towards the desired change, wearing out as frustration takes the upper hand.

So far the theory.

Now for the problem within the Pirate Movement.

I happen to be a Spanish citizen, and the Pirate Movement is Spain has some internal problems due to mainly two reasons:

1) It adopted the Swedish Pirate framework without prior internal buildup or rationalization, as an instant given, giving itself Statutes geared towards political participation at the levels where action could affect legislation related with its small base of core values: national parliament and European Parliament elections. It included no provisions whatsoever for regional or local elections. On top of this, the first Pirates were quite paranoid about the movement being infiltrated and derailed, so they not only set in stone the goals of the movement, but also established that a quorum of at least 90% of all members had to cast a vote in a general assembly before any change to these Statutes could be accepted.

The serious people that started the Pirate Party in Spain forgot to seal one back door… the quality assessment and commitment to the core goals of new members. Soon the membership increased more with young people attracted more to the freeride on cultural goods and having fun than to political action… and a deadlock established itself. Serious people fell below 50% of the membership, so serious things could hardly be discussed anymore, and the freeriders could not change the Statutes to their advantage and felt uncomfortable because it only took 10% of the membership being serious and strategically not voting to block any change to the worse. The party stagnated and grinded to a halt… until the serious people unlocked the situation allowing the kids to play more, allowing tricks to be used to lower quorum requirements to 66%.

And now the kids are playing with the Pirate Party in shamefully childish ways, with a dynamic based on voting a few intelligent people can not counter. It’s become an idiocracy.

2) The Catalan members of the Spanish Pirate Party while also being frustrated with the deadlock… took advantage of political traditions in Spain where all political parties have specific independent sister parties in Catalonia… to go for a solution that has no logical equivalent in Pirate Ideology, and jumped the grounded ship as coward rats to found an local party on their own terms. Instead of being Pirates all the way, they squatted the brand and adopted a bastard form of direct democracy that could easily be managed by a few populist demagogues without ethics like Kenneth Peiruza. Of course, they went for the regional and local elections… and challenged the national pirate party to do the same… which has only been able to compete on those levels cheating its own Statutes.

Two pirate parties covering partially the same electoral territory is a recipe for logistical and electoral disaster… that has not made itself clear yet only due to the electoral irrelevance of both. The Spanish Pirate Party still has members in Catalonia that are not members of the Catalan Pirate Party, which it can and should not abandon, and The Catalan Pirate Party has no sound argument whatsoever to claim political exclusivity over the Catalan Autonomous Region, that happens to be 16% of the surface of the national entity Spain that the Spanish Pirate Party has no reason to foresake.

Furthermore, the Catalan Pirate Party has copied the strategy of the government of Catalonia… to claim independence by establishing autonomous embassies abroad and to lobby supranational organisms like the international sports organisation to have separate official delegations for Catalonia without regard for the complexity it would add to their operation. In 2011 it candidated for full membership of PPI, but got accepted only as observer member. In 2012 in Prague it did not candidate because it was useless, but instead focussed on submitting Statutes amendments that would lift the impossibility of more than one full member per country. Only when those amendments were not tabled by lack of time (and maybe some scheming to avoid the pesky subject)… they went berserk and blackmailed the General Assembly threathening to derail a GA that was strategically important to the Germans (two regional elections only one and two months after the GA and many German press covering the PPI GA). Improvisation led to errors, and an plea from the remote delegation of Australia to have the situation explained was turned into an illegal motion asking for a vote on the Catalan full membership of PPI. The vote got a simple majority… and nobody dared remember that it needed a 2/3 majority of cast votes. As a Spanish delegate, I let it be because I knew that a simple complaint should have sufficed to have the situation straightened out and their status revoked, and I choose to let the PPI GA end peacefully and have the correction occur one week later without the potential of a PR disaster for our German brethren. Alas, the incompetent PPI CoA choose to reinterpret the meaning of the word country as something less than a souvereign nation so it could shamelessly grant Spain a second Gibraltar. It also rewrote an article of the PPI Statutes to grant the PPI GA a discretionary competence it had previously denied to it with an ad-hoc sentence on the first day of the GA on the admission of those candidates that had submitted their paperwork after the official deadline. The Catalans’ strategy was to adapt the Statutes, they had not bothered candidating as they knew it would be to no avail. The GA has discretionary powers to choose which status it grants a candidate that has fulfilled all criteria to be considered as such as per Statutes dispositions, it can not waive the criteria at will, not even for Catalans. The PP-UK ojections presented to the CoA were “creatively” circumvented, and as I could not convince a spineless PP-ES board to file a proper and invincible complaint… I had to do it myself taking advantage of the provisionally enforced rules of procedure of the CoA that allowed for anonymous complaints to be filed in the case of breaches to the PPI Statutes.

I did so, and the reaction was that the Board of PPI took advantage of clumsy wording in a threat to sue the PPI before ordinary courts of justice if nothing was done to address the problems of the Prague GA to offer the heads of all the members of the CoA on a silver platter as a compromise solution… or dare the Swiss to sue wherever they wished. The Swiss caved in and the Überburocrat scored two victories for no price as without a CoA my complaint was blocked and postponed until the next PPI GA… Kazan.

Then, the spineless PP-ES Board refused to appoint me as an official delegate so that I could table the issue in Kazan, and the strict control over the participation of remote delegates enforced made it impossible for me to be heard without inventively staging a big scandal. I had said on the PPI mailing list that the issue should have to be tabled anyway because it was a pending matter before the Court of Arbitration that impacted on the voting rights of a PPI Kazan participant… and that the whole PPI GA could be invalidated if they let the Catalans vote without properly assessing their right to do so… and the organisators have knowingly chosen to take that risk.

Not only have they taken that risk… they have made a laughing stock of the whole Pirate Movement showing what respect they have for logic, ethic and their own Statutes. During two consecutive General Assemblies of the Movement. Pirates… my ass. Please reread the Pirate Codex… and start vomiting.

Honestly, the only alternatives I have left are to have the PPI GA of Kazan nullified by the new PPI Court of Arbitration… if it does allow me or anybody else to file the right complaint and does not decree that it can not because it would recursively cease to exist if the procedure that lead to its election is invalidated in the same process, or to FORK the PPI with the parties that show respect for logic and ethic and leave the current organization to the corrupted, ignorant and irrespectful ones.

Both alternatives are going to put a heavy strain on the efforts to present a united image of the Pirate Parties both towards the German Bundestag elections in september 2013 and the European elections in may 2014 if the solutions are not adopted quickly… but I can not let the shameless choice of the mainly German organizers go unchallenged if I want to keep my selfrespect as a Pirate.

A FORK of the Spanish Pirate Party has become unavoidable after the shameful behaviour of the majority of the members of its Board, backed by a majority of the members of its General Assembly… childish and spineless cowards unworthy of membership of the Pirate brotherhood, combined with the proliferation of puppet regional pirate parties to suit the annihilation strategy of the Catalans towards the national Pirate Party.

As you can see… only a lobotomy could make things easy, and what needs to be done has to be done.

Damn all, I should not be so alone on this. No worthy pirate should be able to read this and cowardly turn his back to the issue. The whole pirate movement becomes a painful farce if this unbelievable behaviour goes unchallenged.

Sure you can imagine how I must feel since the PPI GA in Kazan ended.

Needless to say that if I happen to be the guardian of powerful intellectual arguments and political and media strategies…

… they will be kept in the drawer unused until that time when I find the Movement worth of my trust I can share them with. Something that is not going to happen anytime soon if mass dynamics put the childish ignorant in charge because of their sheer numbers and intelligent behaviour goes looking for windows to jump through until perfect Idiocracy is achieved within the Pirate Movement.


Subject: Re: First contact
Date: Sat, 4 May 2013 14:10:59 +0100

Hello there,

Thanks for taking the time to write to me.

I think you know, we spend a great deal of time challenging power – whether it’s the might of the music industry with our proxy or on a local level such as challenging parking firms that put Manchester residents’ lives at risk.

As a party we are here of course to represent our members, and the all the people in the areas of the country where we seek to be elected.

As for whether our members see themselves as more Britons or Pirates that is not for me to say. You will understand that in our movement I could only speak for myself on such a matter. Personally I don’t see it in those terms, we are all made up of a number of different, even conflicting identities. All we can do is act according to our principles on concrete issues.

For the EU policy overwhelmingly backed by our members you can read in our manifesto:

We are always looking for positive contact with our friends. For concrete suggestions on international projects contact as they handle this area rather than me.

All the best,

On 04/05/2013, at 11.42, Antonio Garcia wrote:

Hi Loz,

In order to know what to do next, I need to assess whether the UK pirates are first pirates and then Britons or first Britons and then pirates.

Much like the issue on whether the Britons are in the European Union to be a real part of a bigger community or rather to secure a way to be able to sabotage everything from the inside.

Mind you, I am aware of the fact that British elite, like any elite, may think and act differently than British common people.

I need to know whether the UK PP is there to serve elite or the people, and if it is the latter, whether it may do the right thing even when it involves being extremely critical towards British elite.

Do you have a PGP/GPG public key so that further communication can be shielded from prying minds?

Antonio García
aka NingúnOtro
aka @SameDoKan

Member of the Board of the Spanish Pirate Party
(until lynched by the pirate mob 😦 )

Loz Kaye!/LozKaye
For more on Manchester Pirate Party and Manchester Central:
For more Pirate Party UK:

Pirate KIDDIES playing Court of Arbitration for BUDDIES (

Para: XXX, YYY
As I see it now, the only way to be fair to Antonio’s request would be to be unfair to PP-CAT for something that was not their fault. In fact Antonio has said that he also voted for the admittance of PP-CAT. With the Statues as they are now, PP-CAT would be admitted without the need for technicalities.
Being a Pirate is not a contest. It is about collaboration to find the best solution and there is no best solution here.
So I will prefer to be unfair to Antonio. If Partido Pirata wishes to revisit the issue formally, it is their prerogative. But for now I have to say there is no change. Also, I encourage the Pirates to try once again among them to solve the problem. More can be done in unity.
Vassilis Peranzakis


Without ANY regards for the ACTUAL FACTS…

… they choose “not to be unfair” to the BUDDIES they like… because behaving as childish as they do… there is some kind of strong affective bond.


Damn logic, damn ethic, damn statutes, damn truth…

… And long live the #PIRATE #IDIOCRAZY and its funny #IDIOTIC #INQUISITION.






Cuando los Piratas sí que prefieren la CENSURA

Cuando los Piratas sí que prefieren la CENSURA
Publicado el 10 de Mayo de 2014 por samedokan

Sin que me haya llegado respuesta en los últimos 20 días… supongo que no quieren tener que ocuparse de este caso hasta que no hayan pasado las elecciones y el crimen haya obtenido premio. Así que no me queda más remedio que SONAR LA ALARMA, chivarme.

Jamás pensé que un día debería chivarme de un comportamiento de los PIRATAS 😦

Antonio Garcia
Para: Vassilis Perantzakis

(miembro de la nueva Corte de Arbitraje de Partidos Piratas Internacional)

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Si SÓLAMENTE hubiera permanecido un problema sobre la membresía fraudulenta al PPI de Pirates de Catalunya, no estaría furioso.

Todo comenzó, al nivel internacional, con un mal comportamiento y una acumulación de errores en la Asamblea General de PPI en Praga en 2012.

Antes que eso, el problema empezó en España en 2010…

El Partido Pirata de España fue fundado a finales de 2006 como un clón estándar del Partido Pirata sueco. Este proceso incluía, por supuesto, actuar de forma política a los niveles nacional y europeo, ya que estos son los niveles a los que se puede ejercer influencia sobre el tipo de legislación que es de especial interés para los piratas. Por consiguiente, no había previsión alguna para poder participar en elecciones regionales ni locales.

Una particularidad de los estatutos del Partido Pirata Español, concebidos en modo algo paranoíco, es el hecho de que los principios fundacionales se encuentran muy blindados. Para alterar algo de ellos, se requería el voto del 90% de los afiliados y una mayoría de dos tercios de los votos positivos.

La dificultad se disparó cuando en un momento dado los piratas decidieron que el partido no crecía suficientemente en número de afiliados, y dejó de cobrar cuotas a los mismos.

Ahí desapareció el único mecanismo real por el cual se podía comprobar que se había perdido a un miembro. La gente simplemente no se preocupaba por darse de baja, y ya no se detectaba cuando alguien había dejado de ser miembro porque no había pago que pudiera dejar sin satisfacer que alertara a nadie sobre ese cambio de condición.

El resultado por supuesto fue que cuando algunos miembros del partido sugirieron que les gustaría mucho presentarse a las elecciones autonómicas catalanas…

… no hubo forma humana alguna de que el Partido Pirata pudiera organizar a tiempo una Asamblea General Extraordinaria donde hubiera siquiera remotamente la posibilidad de que votara el 90% de todos aquellos que constaban como miembros en la base de datos de afiliados del partido :(. La única forma legítima de limpiar la base de datos de miembros fantasma era tomar la decisión de reintroducir cuotas de afiliación… y esperar a ver quién no ingresaba la anualidad siguiente para darle de baja por esa razón. Una vez que la base de datos de afiliados hubiera sido limpiada así de fantasmas, se podía organizar una Asamblea General Extraordinaria donde la esperanza de que votara el 90% de los que constaban como afiliados no fuera prácticamente nula.

Huelga decir… que todo esto de ninguna de las maneras podía realizarse a tiempo para que el partido y los hermanos de Cataluña pudieran presentar una candidatura a las elecciones autonómicas de 2010.

Y entonces, locos como estaban, los colegas simplemente abandonaron el barco pirata, y crearon el partido Pirates de Catalunya para poder presentarse de todas formas a esas elecciones.

Mientras que desde mi punto de vista un comportamiento tal no tiene NINGÚN TIPO DE JUSTIFICACIÓN dentro del ideario pirata… ellos por supuesto no han cesado de intentar de justificar su existencia desde entonces.

Han adoptado un enfoque muy populista de democracia directa… y causado muchas dificultades y destrozos en la ya frágil logística pirata nacional primero, y en la gestión de los asuntos piratas internacionales.

En 2011 presentaron una petición de admisión como miembro de pleno derecho de la Internacional de Partidos Piratas, que fue degradada a miembro observador incluso antes de que se celebrara la Asamblea porque los estatutos no permitían a más de un miembro de pleno derecho por país.

Para la AG de 2012 adoptaron un enfoque más inteligente en dos etapas… como primera presentaron varias enmiendas a los estatutos tendentes a abrirles una puerta para poder ser miembros de pleno derecho. Tenía que ser en dos etapas porque la admisión de nuevos miembros SIEMPRE ocurría con los estatutos vigentes, antes de que se adoptaran las enmiendas que podrían haberles sido útiles.

Como resultado, eran MIEMBROS OBSERVADORES desde 2011, y propusieron enmiendas en 2012 con los cuales podrían optar a ser MIEMBROS DE PLENO DERECHO a partir de 2013… a tiempo para participar de lleno en las muy codiciadas elecciones europeas de 2014.

Para la Asamblea General de 2012 en Praga, yo fui delegado para el Partido Pirata de España, y mi misión consistió en trabajarme discretamente a los delegados de todos los otros partidos piratas, salvo por supuesto a los agresivos catalanes, para convencerlos del hecho de que abrir la caja de pandora de las múltiples afiliaciones por país sería un escenario apocalíptico para el Movimiento Pirata.

Me aplique a ello de forma discreta porque no quise arruinar con nuestra querella interminable la Asamblea General de 2012 para nuestros hermanos alemanes… que se encontraban lidiando con elecciones regionales solo uno y dos meses después de la misma y por esa razón habían atraido bastante prensa alemana hacia Asamblea General de PPI.

Todo lo que debía hacer era convencer a no más de 1/3 de los delegados presentes que votaban… para rechazar las enmiendas propuestas que satisfacerían los deseos de los piratas catalanes.

Hasta donde puedo juzgar la situación que se produjo sin tener información privilegiada sobre lo que otros actores pensaban, el comité organizador de la Asamblea General pareció optar por otra solución… buscaron tratar de forma prioritaria enmiendas que afectaran la composición de la Junta Directiva y la Corte de Arbitraje de la organización… y después ya se dedicaron a perder el tiempo con el fin de agotar el disponible y dejar el resto de enmiendas pendientes para una próxima Asamblea General.

Aunque eso no constituía una solución óptima, era una salida con la que yo y el Partido Pirata de España podíamos contentarnos, incluso si perder el tiempo significaba no poder tratar varias proposiciones estratégicas importantes que teníamos en mente.

Desgraciadamente, nuestros compañeros delegados catalanes no aceptaron ver su estrategia desmontada (sin terminar la primera etapa, ya no les daría tiempo a completarlas ambas antes de la locura de las elecciones europeas)… y procedieron descaradamente a CHANTAJEAR a la Asamblea General, con Kenneth Peiruza planteando que él también sabía ser el chico malo (reaccionando a la forma en que Thomas Gaul les suplicó que lo disculparan).

El resto de la historia lo pueden leer en múltiples sitios…

He escrito una entrada de bitácora donde obtendrán un relato de las últimas evoluciones, así como un enlace a un fichero que contiene TODAS las PRUEBAS: (aún solo en inglés)

El fichero también lo encontrará como adjunto al presente correo.

Para abreviar, de forma clara y concisa…

1) Los catalanes, viendo sus planes trastocados… se dirigieron de forma populista a la Asamblea General reunida exigiendo que se organizara inmediatamente una votación donde se decidiera si Pirates de Catalunya debía ser un miembro de pleno derecho o no. Pidieron que cualquiera presentara una moción en ese sentido.

Nadie lo hizo, probablemente porque todo el mundo sabía que por estatutos no era posible y una moción no era una forma aceptable de tratar el asunto.

Para que quede constancia… la Corte de Arbitraje tuvo que pronunciarse sobre la conveniencia de que a aquellos partidos piratas que habían presentado sus peticiones de membresía fuera de plazo se les perdonara ese pequeño desliz y fueran aceptados como miembros… y sentenció que todos ellos deberían esperar la oportunidad de una próxima Asamblea General. El Partido Pirata de Cataluña, debido a su estrategia en dos etapas… por supuesto ni siquiera había considerado útil presentarse como candidato en esta ocasión. Así que NI SIQUIERA ERAN OFICIALMENTE CANDIDATOS.

Como la presión ejercida por los delegados catalanes iba en aumento y amenazaban con convertir a la AG en una batalla campal entre críos directamente delante de toda la numerosa prensa alemana…

… La mesa de la Asamblea eligió interpretar una petición de clarificación de las circunstancias que se estaban desarrollando hecha por los poco conectados delegados remotos australianos como si fuera la presentación de esa moción que los delegados catalanes habían estado reclamando…

… y se organizó un VOTO ESTATUTORIAMENTE ILEGAL sobre la membresía de pleno derecho de Pirates de Catalunya al PPI.

Elegí NO intervenir en ese momento PORQUE estaba más que claro que cualquier decisión tomada de esta manera debía poder ser PRONTAMENTE ANULADA por una decisión ulterior de una Corte de Arbitraje COMPETENTE.

Mejor dejar que se terminara la Asamblea General con un voto estúpido e ilegal, pero sin ESCÁNDALO público en la prensa.


Creo que el PP-UK presentó diligentemente tal tipo de queja…

… y sorpresivamente la Corte de Arbitraje retornó tal resolución: (inglés)

Sin darle trámite de audiencia al Partido Pirata de España, nos regalaron una segunda Gibraltar, Cataluña ;(.

Para llegar a tal decisión, reformularon el sentido real de uno de los artículos de los estatutos de PPI para dar a la Asamblea General poderes discrecionales en cuanto a la admisión de nuevos miembros mucho más allá de lo que estos realmente permitían. Y si no pude convencer a la Directiva Nacional de PIRATA para que presentara una queja oficial en nombre del partido…

… si que encontre UNA vía alternativa en las por entonces “provisionalmente vigentes hasta que se decida otramente en una Asamblea General de PPI” reglas de procedimiento de la Corte de Arbitraje… que permitían a cualquier INDIVIDUO PARTICULAR presentar anónimamente una queja si esta se refería a una infracción contra los estatutos de PPI.

Reescribir torticeramente uno de los artículos de los estatutos en una sentencia de la Corte de Arbitraje para llegar a unas conclusiones otramente inalcanzables claramente se encardinaba en esa figura…

… así que presenté mi queja INVENCIBLE anónimamente a través del miembro de la Corte de Arbitraje Maxime Rouquet (quien a causa de su opinión discrepante a la sentencia dictada me mereció más confianza que el resto). No guardé el anonimato mucho tiempo, porque en realidad no lo necesitaba ;). (inglés)

Siguieron toda una colección de maquinaciones… que finalizaron en que la Corte de Arbitraje presentó su RENUNCIA sin llegar a dar su opinión sobre los méritos de mi denuncia, algo que visiblemente alegró a algunos miembros de la Junta de Gobierno de PPI.

Seguidamente se desató una batalla para decidir si los asuntos que dejó sin resolver la Corte de Arbitraje debían ser tratados prioritariamente por el pleno de la AsAMBLEA GENERAL DE PPI de 2013.

Antes que nada, Gregory Engels se las ingenió para imponer como lugar de celebración aquél que mejor podía controlar… KAZÁN, en la República rusa de Kazachstán.

Pero de segundas, cuando quedó claro que no iba a haber suficientes delegados presentes allí, se vió obligado a ofrecer un segundo emplazamiento REMOTO para acoger a delegados adicionales en las oficinas de Bruselas, y yo me enteré a tiempo porque me comunicaba por Twitter con una de las personas que ofrecieron alojamiento para los delegados allí.

Ocurre que llevo ya un par de años de okupa en Bruselas, así que me las arreglé para poder estar presente durante toda la duración de la A. G., viernes de socialización, sábado y domingo. Aún si no pudo ser como delegado oficial del Partido Pirata de España.

NINGUNA CUESTIÓN PENDIENTE ante la Corte de Arbitraje de PPI fue tratada en esa Asamblea General, a pesar de que yo había MENCIONADO el asunto de forma extensiva en las listas de correo de PPI: (inglés)

Muy importante, recordatorio PÚBLICO ANTES de la A.G. PPI 2013:
NADIE puede decir que NO fue puesto sobre aviso con suficiente antelación…

Queriendo ignorarlo todo:

Gregory Engels argumentando:

De hecho, toda la lista de correo de Marzo está demasiado llena de evidencia como para citarla una a una:

Mire por Autor… Antonio Garcia ;).

Y continuó durante Abril:


Y un par de respuestas:


– Alguien decidió que el espinoso asunto NO SERÍA TRATADO.

– Yo NO pude hacerme designar delegado oficial del Partido Pirata de España, a pesar de ser el único miembro presente ya sea en Kazán o en Bruselas.

– Los delegados alemanes en Bruselas estuvieron ENGAṄOSAMENTE SUAVES el viernes, durante los eventos de socializacíon… PERO SECUESTRARON el MICRÓFONO y lo vigilaron FEROZMENTE todo el sábado y el domingo, evitando que pudiera intervenir sin resolverme a entablar BATALLA  FÍSICA.

LLÁMENLO CENSURA, SIMPLE Y LLANAMENTE, al margen  de lo que quiera que pueda valer como CONDUCTA ADREDE de unos delegados hacia la organización verídica y fidedigna de una Asamblea General de PPI legítima.

Última etapa:
La frescamente elegida Corte de Arbitraje, no puedo saber si con todos sus miembros sabiéndolo y estando de acuerdo, me envía una misiva…

… con la que comienzo una de mis otras entradas en esta bitácora… (inglés)

1) Los asuntos responsabilidad de la Corte de Arbitraje deben mantenerse estrictamente separados de aquellos responsabilidad de la Junta de Gobierno (limpiándose la Junta de Gobierno las manos).

2) La Corte de Arbitraje se ha dotado de un nuevo Reglamento de Procedimiento donde ya no se admiten quejas anónimas en NINGÚN caso… y quiere hacerlo aplicable RETROACTIVAMENTE, con el ÚNICO FIN de librarse de mi queja PENDIENTE DE RESOLUCIÓN sin tener que entrar jamás en el fondo de la materia.


Espero que comprendan que YA NO ME QUEDA MÁS PACIENCIA.


Verán sus campañas electorales europeas TORPEDEADAS por todo aquel material sobre sus LAMENTABLES CONDUCTAS que pueda presentar ante la OPINIÓN PÚBLICA y los VOTANTES.

Simplemente NO podemos tolerar gente de tal RALEA en el Movimiento Pirata, y haré todo lo que esté a mi alcance para evitar que consigan colocar con un buen salario de electo a sus peones en el Movimiento.

Que se jodan los demás si tienen que soportar los daños colaterales por su actitud pasiva o incluso su colaboración ingenua e ignorante.

Aunque siempre espero que aún puedan hacer lo mejor posible para evitar lo peor… con una DECISIÓN PRONTA que restaure la verdad en el Movimiento.


Antonio García García
Miembro de la Junta General Central (disfuncional) del Partido Pirata de España (disfuncional)
(¿más en qué condiciones se encontraría el suyo tras semejante periplo?)

When Pirates DO prefer CENSORSHIP

No answer forthcoming in 20 days… I guess they do not want to bother about the issue before the elections are over and crime has paid. So I have to BLOW THE WHISTLE.

Never thought I’d have to blow the whistle on PIRATES 😦


Antonio Garcia
Para: Vassilis Perantzakis

(member of the new Court of Arbitration of Pirate Parties International)

1 dato adjunto (507,0 kB)
Descargar (507,0 kB)

If ONLY it had stayed about the fraudulent PPI membership of PP-CAT, I would not be furious.

It started, at the international level, with bad behaviour and errors at the PPI General Assembly of 2012 in Prague.

Prior to that, the problem started in Spain in 2010…

The Spanish Pirate Party was founded at the end of 2006 as a standard clone of the Swedish Pirate Party. This cloning included, of course… acting politically at the national and european level, as these were the ones where legislation dear to the pirate ideals was actually developed. So, no participation in regional nor local elections were envisaged.

One quirk of the Spanish Pirate Party Statutes, which were crafted in a sort of paranoid way, was the fact that the founding principles of the party were pritty armored: to change any of these, 90% minimum of the membership had to cast a vote in an Extraordinary General Assembly, and two thirds of the vote had to be YES.

The difficulty compounded when at some time pirates decided the party was not growing in membership fast enough… and dropped asking for membership fees.

There, the only real test on if any member was not lost to the party… disappeared. People simply did not care to resign membership, and no membership fee payment remained able to fail and alert anyone to the fact that someone who had not payed the fee was no member anymore.

The result, of course, was that when some members of the party suggested that they would be very interested in running a candidature for the Catalan regional elections…

… in no way could the Spanish Pirate Party organize timely an Extraordinary General Assembly where there could be any chance AT ALL that 90% of all those that were listed as members in the parties database would cast a vote :(. The only legit way to clean the database of ghost members was to take the decision to reintroduce membership fees… and wait to see who failed to pay the next dues to write him off as a member. Once the membership database such cleaned… one could organize a EGA with the hope (if maybe still remote) of 90% of the membership voting.

Needless to say… this would never happen in time for the Brethren of Catalonia to be able to present a candidature to the 2010 regional elections.

And then… foolish as they were… they just JUMPED SHIP… and created a Catalan Pirate Party just to be able to run in those elections.

While from my point of view such behaviour has NO JUSTIFICATION WHATSOEVER in the pirate ideology… they have tried to justify their existence ever since.

They have adopted a very populistic direct democracy approach… and wreaked havoc first in internal spanish pirate matters, complicating pirate logistics needlessly, and subsequently in international pirate affairs.

In 2011 they submitted a request for full membership to the PPI, but it was watered down to observer membership before even reaching that years GA, because the PPI statutes admitted only ONE full member per country.

For the 2012 PPI GA, they intelligently adopted a two step approach… they submitted various statutes amendments aiming at opening a door towards full membership for themselves as a first step. It had to be a two step approach because the admittance of new members ALWAYS happened with the current Statutes, amendments being discussed too late to immediately come into effect at a moment where they could be useful for them.

As a result, they were OBSERVER MEMBERS since 2011, and they proposed Statutes amendments in 2012 with which they could candidate for FULL MEMBERSHIP at first in 2013… so as to be full member and able to participate in the coveted european elections of 2014.

At the 2012 PPI GA in Prague… I was a delegate for the Spanish Pirate Party, and my mission was to discretely lobby the delegates of all the other pirate parties but of course the Catalan Pirate Party in order to convince them of the fact that opening the Pandoras Box of multiple full memberships per country would be a doomsday scenario for the Pirate Movement.

I went about it discretely, because I did not want to ruin the 2012 PPI General Assembly for our German Brethren… they had two regional elections coming up one and two months later, and the premises were SWAMPED by German press.

All I had to do was convince 1/3 of the vote casting delegates… to reject any Statutes amendment going towards the aims of the Catalan Pirate Party.

Insofar as I can judge the facts without a total insight on what other were thinking… the organizing commitee opted for an other solution… they gave priority to the approval of a few Statutes amendments concerning the composition and mission of the Board of Directors and the Court of Arbitration… and then just pledged to waste time so the rest of the amendments never got tabled.

Although not an optimal solution, this was a solution I and the Spanish Pirate Party could live with, even if wasting time untill the last moment meant not having the right circumstances to present a few broadranging strategical proposals to the General Assembly.

Alas, the Catalan Pirate Party delegates did not accept their strategy being thwarted (not finishing step one, they would never manage to complete the second before the European Election madness)… and they BLACKMAILED the PPI GA… delegate Kenneth Peiruza threathening that he could be the bad boy too (reacting on Thomas Gauls sorry statement)…

The rest you can read in many places…

I have written a blog post where you get the last evolutions, but also a link to a file with ALL the EVIDENCE:

The file is joined to this mail too.

To make things short, but clear…

1) The Catalans, seeing their aims thwarted… populistically called upon the gathered General Assembly of the PPI to immediately have a popular vote on whether PP-CAT should be a full member or not. They asked ANYBODY to submit a motion asking for such a vote.

Nobody did so, as I believe everybody knows an improvised motion is NO ACCEPTABLE WAY of tabling a membership issue in the PPI. At least, not one mentioned in the Statutes.

For the record… the Court of Arbitration had to settle the question of candidate Pirate Parties who had submitted their candidacy papers AFTER the official deadline… AND decided they had to wait until the next GA. PP-CAT, due to their two step strategy… had of course not even bothered to present candidacy papers at this time. They were thus NOT EVEN CANDIDATES.

As the pression of the PP-CAT delegates was mounting and they risked to turn the GA into a childish battle in the presence of the full German press…

… the Chairing Board of the PPI GA choose to understand a plea for clarification of the developing situation submitted by the halfblind remote delegates of Australia as if it were the motion the Catalans were so loudly asking for…

… and an STATUTORILY ILLEGAL VOTE on the full membership of PP-CAT to PPI was organized.

I choose NOT to intervene at that point BECAUSE it was more than obvious that anything decided thus should EASILY be nullified by a PROMPT decision of a LEGIT Court of Arbitration.

Better to let the GA end with a stupid and invalid vote, BUT without a public scandal in the press.


PP-UK I believe… filed some sort of complaint…

… and surprisingly the CoA returned this:

Without the Spanish Pirate Party being allowed audience, they gifted us a Second Gibraltar, Catalonia ;(.

To do so, they reworded the real meaning of one of the articles of the PPI Statutes to grant the General Assembly far wider discretionary powers concerning members admittance than the Statutes really allowed for, and while I could NOT convince a spineless board of the Spanish Pirate Party to file an official Party complaint…

… I found ONE loophole in the then “provisionally enforceable until decided otherwise at an PPI GA” Rules of Procedure of the Court of Arbitration… allowing any and any PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL to anonymously file a complaint if it was a matter of infringement to the PPI Statutes.

Rewriting an article of the Statutes in a Court Sentence to arrive at unwarranted conclusions clearly qualified as such…

… so I filed an INVINCIBLE anonymous complaint through the Court Member Maxime Rouquet (because of his dissenting opinion he deserved more trust than the rest). I did not keep that anonymity very long, as I did not really need it ;).

Due to all kind of machinations… The Court of Arbitration RESIGNED without giving its opinion on the merits of my complaint, much to the pleasure of some on the Board of Directors.

Next was a battle to decide whether matter left unattended by the Court of Arbitration had to be tabled by the 2013 PPI GENERAL ASSEMBLY.

First of all, Gregory Engels managed to impose a stronghold that could but be his… KAZAN.

But secondly, as became clear that not enough members would attend there… he had to organize a REMOTE venue in Brussels for additional delegates, and I got the word of it because I have a Twitter link with one of the guys offering housing for delegates.

I happen to be squatting around in Brussels for a few years now… so I arranged to be present friday, saturday and sunday. Though NOT as an official delegate of the Spanish Pirate Party.

NO PENDING ISSUES from the Court of Arbitration were tabled at this PPI GA, despite the fact that I had AIRED the issue extensively on the mailing lists of PPI:

Very important, PUBLIC recall BEFORE PPI GA 2013:
NOBODY can say he was NOT warned in time…

Wanting to ignore all:

Gregory argumenting:

In fact the whole of March mailing list is too rich to cite separately:

Look up by Author… Antonio Garcia ;).

And it went on through April:


And a few answers:


– Someone decided the issue should NOT be TABLED.

– I could NOT become a delegate of the Spanish Pirate Party, even if I was the only member present in either Kazan or Brussels.

– The German delegates in Brussels were DECEIVINGLY SWEET on Friday, during the pre-GA activities… BUT they GUARDED the microphone FIERCELY, and I could NOT INTERVENE withoiut staging a physical battle.

CALL IT CENSORSHIP, PLAIN AND SIMPLE, besides whatever it is worth as WILLING BEHAVIOUR of delegates towards the truthfull organizing of a legit PPI GA.

Last step:
The newly elected Court of Arbitration, I can not know if all their members knowing and agreeing, sent me…

… What I start the blog post with…

1) Court of Arbitration matters should be SEPARATED strictly from Board matters.

2) Court of Arbitration has changed Rules of Procedure and wants the NEW ones retroactively enforced… to DITCH my complaint WITHOUT having to examine its merits.


I hope you understand I have NO PATIENCE LEFT.


Will see their European Election campaign THWARTED by whatever I can present to PUBLIC SCRUTINY about all what has been going on.

We can simply NOT tolerate to have such bastard people in the Pirate Movement, and I will do what I can to avoid them getting elected people into position.

Damn the rest if they have to suffer collateral damages for their passivity or even naieve and ignorant collaboration.

But I still hope you can do your best to avoid the worst… with a TIMELY DECISION that restores truth to the Movement.

Good luck!

Antonio García
Member of the (disfunctional) Board of the (disfunctional) Spanish Pirate Party
(but how would yours be after this adventure?)

Cowardice and Censorship…

Today, the colleague who had lent me the Twitter account @BastillaDigital chickened out and took it back without warning (I had changed none of its original settings, just to leave this possibility open… friends are friends until tempted 😦 ).

So I had to finally open a new twitter account, and I choose the expressive @OtroMedioHombre (who was Medio Hombre: ).

Alas, it did not last 10 tweets without being fulminantly suspended… go figure who might be behind that.

Not to worry, nothing can stop direct mail to the media and associated journalists.


This WILL BE a hell of an election campaign for DISHONEST Pirates.

Just have a look at the other posts in this warblog ;).


Edited 20:50h… the colleague found his balls back 😉

La confesión…

La confesión...

Con lo fácil que se modifica una web, y las ganas que van a tener de decir que todo es un montaje mío ( )…

… mejor tener a mano una confesión.

Sorprende la naturalidad con la que algunos piratillas se lo justifican todo. Parece tan obvio que hay que perdonarles estos pequeños deslices de nada…

Pero… son DOS AÑOS andando con un tubo de chimenea metido en el culo por culpa de muchos como ese graciosillo :(.

Y AÚN no han dado su brazo a torcer, por mucho que yo sea el único con más razón que un santo desde el principio al fin.

Una IDIOCRACIA no es una democracia… tonto el que les vote para que hagan cosas de esas en un parlamento durante cinco años.

Una Confederación Pirata… sin VALORES, y sin FUTURO

Una Confederación Pirata... sin VALORES, y sin FUTURO

Los chiquillos que juegan con la Confederación PIRATA, muy a pesar nuestro, ni tienen más VALORES que el capricho, ni más FUTURO que el ridículo pasajero que nos hacen pasar.

Lástima que con la IDIOCRACIA en la que desemboca su ansiada Democracia Directa no se pueda dialogar para intentar evitarles tan triste destino… pues de una IDIOCRACIA, por mucho que se quiera… YA NO SE SALE DEMOCRÁTICAMENTE.

Sirva este lamentable succeso de aviso a NAVEGANTES.