Pirate KIDDIES playing Court of Arbitration for BUDDIES

vaspervnp@yahoo.gr (vaspervnp@yahoo.gr)

Para: XXX, YYY
CC: pp-leaders.discussion@lists.pp-international.net, ningunotro@hotmail.com
As I see it now, the only way to be fair to Antonio’s request would be to be unfair to PP-CAT for something that was not their fault. In fact Antonio has said that he also voted for the admittance of PP-CAT. With the Statues as they are now, PP-CAT would be admitted without the need for technicalities.
Being a Pirate is not a contest. It is about collaboration to find the best solution and there is no best solution here.
So I will prefer to be unfair to Antonio. If Partido Pirata wishes to revisit the issue formally, it is their prerogative. But for now I have to say there is no change. Also, I encourage the Pirates to try once again among them to solve the problem. More can be done in unity.
Vassilis Peranzakis


Without ANY regards for the ACTUAL FACTS…

… they choose “not to be unfair” to the BUDDIES they like… because behaving as childish as they do… there is some kind of strong affective bond.


Damn logic, damn ethic, damn statutes, damn truth…

… And long live the #PIRATE #IDIOCRAZY and its funny #IDIOTIC #INQUISITION.








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